¿Que quiénes somos nosotros?

We are a few group of crazy people who wanted to create a company which donates 100% of its profits to non-profit organizations that support the most vulnerable people of our country (Yes, 100% of the profit, and there is no small print).

Feel the emotion that we feel, and join us in the hope that together we can help to build a more just and humane economy.

A Little History

Late! Team
Late! was born as a concept in the year 2003, when Pedro Traverso, then newly titled student of a master's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, USA, was looking for ways to combine his knowledge of the business world with his interest in the social world, and thought about creating a trading company that was 100% social in Chile.
It took several years to turn Pedro’s idea into something concrete, time that served to enhance the features of the project, The Company’s functionality and the definition of their first product. However, the most important element was missing: a team that wanted to take the challenge and turn it into a reality.
That is how in 2008, and thanks to friends in common, Pedro meets four people who share his vision and social concerns: Guillermo Rolando, Francisco Ruiz, Juan Pablo Larenas y Cristóbal Barros. Together they found a social company named LATE, by founding a limited liability company.
In December 2008, Late! began the sales of its first product; bottled water in a 500cc format, with and without gas, functioning similarly to any other commercial company. In March of 2009, Late! makes its official launch as a company through a public event, and in July of that same year Late! made its first donation to Fundación San José for adoption. Since 2009 to this day, the company has made donations to more than 20 non-profit organizations, has conducted an amount of more than 190 million pesos and the figures continue to rise.