Our Team

Late! was founded as a company of limited liability (“Empresa Social de Comercialización de Productos Ltda.”) between a group of friends who provided a symbolic amount of $200,000 to form the society. Simultaneously, Fundación Elige Bien was being conformed, a nonprofit entity that would be the final owner of Late! Nowadays, Fundación Elige Bien owns 99.9% of Late! and the other 0.1% belongs to its founder Pedro Traverso, who maintains that symbolic amount only to prevent the dissolution of the limited liability company, since this type of companies require at least 2 partners.

Both the directors of Late! as well as Fundación Elige Bien generously and freely make their contribution to the company, without receiving any kind of compensation from the company. Members of the team (the administrators of Late!) are only partners that receive a market salary for their work.


Late! counts with a prestigious board of successful professionals, such as:
  1. Sergio Guzmán, Board Member
  2. Juan Pablo Larenas, Director of Sistema B
  3. Marcos Lima, Board Member
  4. Ricardo Majluf, Board Member
  5. Alejandra Pizarro, Director of Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias
  6. Pedro Traverso, C.E.O. of Late! 


The company counts with a vast work team, who keep Late!’s dream alive every day, they are:

Eduardo Castillo

Late! General Manager
Industrial Civil Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Magdalena Szynkowska

Late! Business Sub-manager
Masters in Economy, University of Lodz, Polonia.

Diego Taggart

Late! Business Sub-manager
Commercial Engineer, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez.

José Ignacio Vicente

Late! Business Sub-manager
Commercial Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Antonieta Kent

General Accountant, Centro de formación Técnica Instituto Comercial Santa Marta

Eduardo Rebolledo

Electromecanic Technician, Liceo industrial y de minas Ignacio Domeyko


The Board of Directors of Fundación Elige Bien, Late!’s owner, is constituted by:
  1. Pedro Traverso, Agricultural Engineer and MBA UC, MSc. Industrial Engineering U. of California, Berkeley. President of F. Elige Bien
  2. Cristóbal Barros, Lawyer, U. de Chile., Program Chief, Chile–California, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Vicepresident of F. Elige Bien
  3. Francisco Ruiz, Lawyer, U. de Chile. Director of INFOCAP. Treasurer of F. Elige Bien.
  4. Manuel Matta, Lawyer, U. de Chile, LLM U. of California, Berkeley, Member of the Estudio Aylwin. Secretary of F. Elige Bien
  5. Paula Margotta, Lawyer, U. de Chile. MSc Social Politics and Development, London School of Economics. Coordinator of Programa Social, Centro de Políticas Públicas UC. Director of F. Elige Bien
  6. Juan Pablo Larenas,  Commercial Engineer, U. de Chile, MSc Development Management, London School of Economics. Systems CEO B. CEO F. Elige Bien