Donations 2014

Donation to “Fundación Epilépticos Refractarios”

¡New donation! The 17th of December, US$2.287,858 were donated to Fundación Epilépticos Refractarios thanks to Atton Hotel for choosing, supporting and preferring our products. Fundación Epilépticos Refractarios supports, promotes and helps patients that are suffering from central nervous diseases, preferentially the ones with refractory epilepsy.  

Donation to “Fundación María Ayuda”

Today, December 5th, US$12.209,562 were handed to María Ayuda V Región. This was able to happen thanks to “Clínica Ciudad del Mar” who prefers our bottled water from the beginning. We also thank Duoc V Región coffee shops, Hipocampus and Sagrada Familia School kiosk, for commiting, choosing, and supporting María Ayuda, who works for the […]

Donation to “Fundación Nuestros Hijos”

US$29.849,017 were donated to Fundación Nuestros Hijos the 27th of November. This donation was possible thanks to Homecenter Sodimac, who supports us by choosing Late! products, allowing them to have exclusive presence on their shelves. This contribution will be directly destined to the support of children with cancer.  

Donation to “Fútbol Más”

Today, November 13th Late! donated US$ 19,636.147 to “Fútbol Más” foundation, thanks to Arauco. Fútbol Más foundation promotes the development of resilience in children and adolescents that live in biopsychosocial vulnerability contexts, in order to give them the opportunity to develop their personal resources in benefit of their well being and of their communities.  

Donation to “La Protectora de la Infancia”

On october 3rd, Late! donated US$1,972.03 to “La Protectora de la Infancia”, thanks to the support of Hilton Hotel. “Protectora de la Infancia” protects and promotes the development of infants and children and helps them achieve their maximum potential through educational programs that this institution develops.  

Donation to “Fundación Nuestros Hijos”

Today September 3rd Late! made the biggest donation of all times! US$70,210.05 were donated to Fundación Nuestros Hijos, thanks to Homecenter Sodimac that supports, and re-sells our products. The money that was contributed to this institution is destined directly to look after children with cancer. More information about the fundation at

Donation to “Corporación NAIM – Curicó”

US$717.72 were donated today, August 29th, to Corporación Naim, thanks to the Woodstaco Festival, Raíces Hotel and Subsole purchases. Naim receives children affected and violeted in their rights, living on the streets, or in social risk. They try to prevent and treat those situations by guiding and taking care of them though catholic beliefs.  

Donation to “Corporación para Ciegos”

On August 20th, Late! donated US$1,382.93 to the Corporación para Ciegos thanks to the preference of Holiday Inn, Tattersal, Crawford, Carozzi and La Cocinería. Corporación para Ciegos supports people who suffer from total or partial blindness by helping them become re-integrated into society, both socially and occupationally, and by providing options in education, training, culture […]

Donation to “Aldeas Infantiles SOS Antofagasta”

First contribution to Aldeas Infantiles SOS thanks to Minera El Tesoro’s preference for Late! products. On June 23rd, US$3,193.89 were donated to Aldeas Infantiles SOS Antofagasta through the purchase of Minera El Tesoro and Compass Group. Aldeas Infantiles SOS Antofagasta supports children who live in orphanages, children of teenage mothers who were removed from their […]

Donation to “Un Techo Para Chile”

Large funds are being directed towards the reconstruction of houses for those who were affected by the earthquake in 2010. On June 4, Late! donated US$12,775.55 to Un Techo Para Chile thanks to the preference of Minera El Tesoro and Compass Group. This donation will be used for the repairing and reconstruction of damaged homes […]

Donation to “Fundación Nuestros Hijos”

First donation of the year to FNH. On April 29, Late! donated US$ 47,908.31 to Fundación Nuestros Hijos. This donation will be a contribution to the NGO as it continues to support children with cancer, giving them the attention and care they deserve and need. More information about the Fundación at

Donation to the victims of the fire in Valparaiso

More than 66,000 liters were handed out to the victims. On April 14th 2014, Late! distributed 10.560 liters of purified bottled water to the victims of the fire in Valparaiso through Red Cross. Aditionally Late! gave out four donations for the victims, this time through Corporación Red de Alimentos. The firts was for 27.240 liters, […]

Donation to “Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias”

We continue to support this great community. Today, March 18th 2014, Late! made a donation of US$ 8,310.06 to Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias. This non-profit corporation, which brings together more than 100 social non-profit organizations, seeks to “Promote, strengthen and encourage collaboration amongst reliable Chilean NGOS, in order to develop practices that consider solidarity to […]

Donation to “Corporación Primera Infancia”

First contribution of the year. Worth US$ 2,677.64 was the first donation of the 2014 benefiting “Corporación Primera Infancia (COPRIN)”, on March 14th. This institution holds free daycare centers and kindergarden schooling for unprotected and vulnerable children in Chile.

Donation of feeding milk bottles to Fundación San José

13.542 bottles of milk for children of Casa Belén from Fundación San José On July 1st 2009, Late! made a first donation of $1.084.215, equivalent to 2.780 bottles of milk special to newborns who are welcomed by Fundación San José. This donation fills us with pride and hope to keep assisting those in need!. On […]