Donation of feeding milk bottles to Fundación San José

Logo13.542 bottles of milk for children of Casa Belén from Fundación San José

On July 1st 2009, Late! made a first donation of $1.084.215, equivalent to 2.780 bottles of milk special to newborns who are welcomed by Fundación San José. This donation fills us with pride and hope to keep assisting those in need!.

On November 11th 2009, Late! makes a second donation of $1.468.187, equivalent to 3.764 bottles, and on July 23rd 2010,  a third donation of $1.187.850 is made, corresponding to 3.045 bottles. On January 10th 2011, Late! makes a fourth donation of $1.541.820, equivalent to 3.953 bottles, finally contributing with 13.542 bottles for the children.

Fundación San José for adoption seeks to take responsibility for the three actors who are involved in the process: women pregnancy problems, the children and their adoptive parents.