November 10, 2015

Donation to Fundación Había Una Vez

On september 10th, we donate CL $1.288.664 to Fundación Había Una Vez, organization that during almost 10 years has been gifting to communities, schools and infant centers in vulnerable situation the magic and charm of the books.

Donation to Santa Clara

"Because they didn't choose living with HIV, we chose to help " asserts Santa Clara Foundation, an Organization that on Friday, October 16th received a donation of CL$1.560.222 due to purchases of Late! water that makes Time Hotels. Learn more about this admirable Foundation in

Donation to Escuela Coquimbo

Among buried cars, stranded boats and landslides we arrived to Escuela Coquimbo to hand over CL$1.012.080 as a donation generated after two weeks of a solidary campaign that sought recover what this School lost after the last earthquake of our country.  

Donation to Fútbol Más

On september 4th we donate CL$10.000.000 to Fundación Fútbol Más, Organization that has been able to make happier and more cheerful lots of kids and adolescents that live in vulnerable situations by means of the energy, game and legacy that leaves the football game. En nombre de ésta y todas la fundaciones les damos la gracias a los […]

Donation to Red de Alimentos

What a great team! 3.288 liters of milk, equivalent to CL$1.956.360, we donate to Red de Alimentos, Organization dedicated to feel bellies a keep happy hearts. We give them products and get in charge of storing and distributing them to vulnerable communities of our country that belong to their Network. Learn more about them here  

Donation to Protectora de la Infancia

We gather and donate CL$2.014.248 to Protectora de la Infancia thanks Hilton Hotels that prefers and buy Late!. The best news is that you can also prefere and buy our products for your house in http://late.bootic

Donation to Fundación Nuestros Hijos

On august 13th, for a second time during this year, we came back to the reception house of Fundación Nuestros Hijos, but this time for making a donation of CL$15.000.000. Thanks to one of our biggest client, Homecenter Sodimac, we were able to gather and donate this amount that will contribute to the treatment of all the children with […]

Donation to Fundación Nuestros Hijos

On november 4th, for a third time during 2015, we donate to Fundación Nuestros Hijos. This time were CL$30.434.785 thanks to Homecenter Sodimac that supports, and re-sells our products. This money will contribute children with cancer that attends in the public health system of our country . More information about this Organization at  

Donation to Fundación EDRA

We donate CL $1.000.000 to EDRA, a team of defense and animal rescue that won a greater representation and support of our Facebook audience during the past rating of "Your Opinion Counts". This monetary contribution seeks to support their mobile veterinary clinic project that allows them to make pets adoption working days in different places and also […]

Donation to Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias

For an amount of CL$8.993.994 was our third donation of the year to Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias. This non-profit corporation brings together more than 100 social non-profit organizations and seeks to “Promote, strengthen and encourage collaboration amongst reliable Chilean NGOS, in order to develop practices that consider solidarity to be a permanent and transcendent value in […]